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Why this shape?

The rounded square-shape and monolithic design gives the surface of the bottle an ideal distribution of tension and pressure, which makes it a lot easier to squeeze. It is also very well suited to the specific material properties and production process.

Why use titanium?

Besides being strong and lightweight, titanium resists corrosion. This is why it is also used for biomedical implants all over the body – it’s super clean!

How is it elastic?

The secret behind KEEGO’s functionality lies within the ground-breaking production process that allows to add an elastic core to a titanium bottle. The key is to accurately control the fusion process in order to modulate the elasticity according to the amount of stress in different parts of the squeeze bottle.
As soon as the pending patent on this process is granted, a more detailed description will follow.

Say what?

The company mastering this highly technological process is renowned for producing accelerator parts for CERN and other particle accelerators around the world. We feel quite honoured to work with such geniuses, because sometimes we have no idea what they are talking about.